152.2 lbs. I went up a pound, but that happens. Water retention.

I drank the following  #1.  Juice Press “Love Me”, it has about 190 calories and 19 grams of sugar. #2 Liver Detox tea #3 Black Coffee #4 Home-made juice : cucumber, red cabbage, lemon, lime, orange.

It’s important to focus on the overall health benefits and detox, not just the scale ticking down.

A friend shared an amazing resource with me : Lou Corona today: http://puradyme.com/lifestyle/recipes/lemon-ginger-blast/

It is recommended that you take protein for fasts lasting longer than 16 days according to Joe Cross : http://shop.rebootwithjoe.com/products/juice-protein-powder

I passed, it must be build up from my intestines because I have not eaten in 12 full days – not one thing.

It’s 10 pm and I can’t wait to go to bed. You have to resign yourself to not having  social life during the fasting period.







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