DAY #14

151.6 lbs. I woke up feeling peaceful.

This is giving my mind and body downtime to think about things other than food. It makes me aware of how much energy and head space food requires. The intense cravings, the binge, the hiding, and the food hangovers that knocked me out.

Fasting brings this incredible respite from an insatiable appetite when things get way off balance. I’m so grateful to have this space.

Anyone can fast, the big part is how you go off of it and the lifestyle change that comes with it. The plan is 100% raw coming off of it for as long as I can, transitioning to 80% raw, maintaining juice throughout, and sticking to whole foods for the other 20%. That feels right for me. The stricter I get with myself, the harder I fall. I don’t have a long history with the yo-yo factor. I did it once, and that is enough.




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