150.0 lbs. I lost 12.5 lbs

It is recommended to add a fat into one’s diet after 16 days, so today I’m adding in 1 tsp of coconut oil or fish oil a day. This is coming from Nutritionists who are employed by Joe Cross on his Reboot with Joe site. I am using Joe’s site as a guideline for long term fasting but want more advanced medical advice.

I just purchased : Fasting and Eating for Health, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.




Day #16 – 151.2 lbs. I lost 11 lbs.  I slept like a rock as they say, which is very rare for me. I was waking up several times a night prior to my fast.

Juice: cucumber/pear/2 limes



(2) Juice Generation : The Professional

(2) Organic ginger tea

Really dehydrated right now. My skin is breaking out in odd spots like my shoulders. It’s really important to be drinking enough water to flush the toxins out of your body otherwise it hangs out in your body for too long.

I committed to a counter top water filtration system that I’m really in love with from Berkey Water Filter System: http://www.berkeyfilters.com/  I didn’t want to have to install one and this is easy to maintain and also attractive enough to keep on your counter.






152.2 lbs. I went up a pound, but that happens. Water retention.

I drank the following  #1.  Juice Press “Love Me”, it has about 190 calories and 19 grams of sugar. #2 Liver Detox tea #3 Black Coffee #4 Home-made juice : cucumber, red cabbage, lemon, lime, orange.

It’s important to focus on the overall health benefits and detox, not just the scale ticking down.

A friend shared an amazing resource with me : Lou Corona today: http://puradyme.com/lifestyle/recipes/lemon-ginger-blast/

It is recommended that you take protein for fasts lasting longer than 16 days according to Joe Cross : http://shop.rebootwithjoe.com/products/juice-protein-powder

I passed, it must be build up from my intestines because I have not eaten in 12 full days – not one thing.

It’s 10 pm and I can’t wait to go to bed. You have to resign yourself to not having  social life during the fasting period.








DAY #14

151.6 lbs. I woke up feeling peaceful.

This is giving my mind and body downtime to think about things other than food. It makes me aware of how much energy and head space food requires. The intense cravings, the binge, the hiding, and the food hangovers that knocked me out.

Fasting brings this incredible respite from an insatiable appetite when things get way off balance. I’m so grateful to have this space.

Anyone can fast, the big part is how you go off of it and the lifestyle change that comes with it. The plan is 100% raw coming off of it for as long as I can, transitioning to 80% raw, maintaining juice throughout, and sticking to whole foods for the other 20%. That feels right for me. The stricter I get with myself, the harder I fall. I don’t have a long history with the yo-yo factor. I did it once, and that is enough.





Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 8.08.22 PM

(Days 1-13 were captured in a journal and will be posted in a single day as below)

I have set intentions to lose 40 lbs and detox with a juice fast.

My stats: Female, Age: 42, 5’3″, 162 lbs, sluggish digestion, difficulty sleeping with joint pain. I left a very toxic work environment and toxic medications behind and within three months my weight shot up.

DAY #1 – Pre-fast

162.5 lbs and miserable. I had three cold pressed juices and a chopped spinach salad with strawberries for dinner. This is my pre-fast day. It’s essentially a way to ease into the fast with raw food in addition to juice. If you go from a standard american diet straight into fasting it’s a difficult transition.I allowed myself black coffee in the morning because I was feeling sluggish, but ideally you don’t want to drink any caffeine. No alcohol. I was tired and went to bed at 11:00 P.M. I was grateful to make it through the day and hopeful that this was the right path for me after throwing $1,000 at a trainer and killing myself with the results I expected given the amount of physical and mental energy I was putting into it.

DAY #2 Pre-Fast

160.2 lbs. I woke up with a headache knowing that it’s the detoxification symptoms. I expelled a lot from my system the previous day, that is one thing that will happen right away, your digestion will start moving. I felt lighter already in body and spirit. 3 cold presses juices : 2 green, 1 fruit, 2 herbal teas, lots of water and a huge raw chopped salad at night with just lemon. I allowed myself to eat as much salad as I wanted. I realized how much time I had after work because I wasn’t out getting drinks with friends. I organized some papers at home and went to bed early.

DAY #3 Pre-Fast

160.2 lbs. Day 3 of not drinking. The fast feels natural. I have not had hunger pangs surprisingly. When I look at food that I would normally crave it doesn’t trigger any response. I had been listening to several hypnotic weight loss audio books from the beginning and it’s the only thing that makes sense to me because it is unfathomable how food is all around me and yet I have no hunger for it. Excessive eating was normal for me, it was something that I felt like I had no control over. Frustrated that the needle didn’t move on the scale but I know that weight fluctuates and not to panic.

DAY #4

159.4 lbs – 6:00 am. I juiced at home: lime/orange/apple/celery. It felt explosive in my mouth. My taste buds were so heightened. My body needed it after a nights sleep and it was incredible. I started to notice how my sense of smell was also beginning to become more attuned. I brought a mason jar of juice to work, and had a green juice for dinner. I worked late in attempts to avoid going out and not really knowing what to do with myself just yet. I found that herbal teas during the day seemed more enjoyable than just water, especially with the color air conditioners on all day. I’m still not drinking enough water and that is not a good thing because when your body starts detoxing you don’t want it just sit there, you want to flush it out. Colonics are a great way to go, but I haven’t been able to make it in.

DAY #5

158 lbs. Day 5 no alcohol. I went to upstate NY to get into nature and get some fresh air to support my detox. I went to an organic market and bought a watermelon, celery, cucumber, etc. I juiced the entire watermelon by itself and drank some. I soon realized that that was a mistake because it was amazing and it was entirely too much sugar. If you’re fasting on too much fruit or veggies that are high in sugar then you won’t lose weight as quickly. For me each day counts because I want to be able to have a summer. I don’t want to feel like I can’t go to the beach or take a vacation because I have to hide under baggy clothes. None of my clothes fit me and it’s a struggle daily to find something that masks my weight and looks professional enough for the office. I’m tired of buying “fat clothes”. I’m tired of feeling sexless because of this weight or feeling winded when I exit the subway. Dating had been entirely off of the table. I have been visualizing what it will feel like to be my ideal weight. For me that’s 125 lbs. I want to get to 120 on the fast, to get to 125 lbs after the fast. So far the fast feels easy. I don’t feel like jumping off of it and it’s almost easier than eating because I’m not obsessed with food or squireling it away because I was ashamed of eating certain foods in front of others when I was so overweight.

DAY #6

157 lbs. You have to plan. It was the holiday weekend and I was walking around town trying to figure out what to do with myself. I couldn’t eat, I wasn’t drinking, I couldn’t have ice cream or really go running because it was 85 degrees out and I felt weakened. Some people claim to feel energized but maybe I was detoxing too hard. My movements became slower, this is your body trying to conserve energy. My sole purpose was to bring water in a thermos and sit at juice bars, luckily there was fresh juice all over town and at the apartment that I was staying at. We went to a movie to get out of the heat. I had a mint tea. That sounds so depressing but it was so soothing and I felt satisfied and proud of myself for not wanting to buy three bags of candy and finish them off.

DAY #7

Weight Unknown. I wanted watermelon juice, dammnit, it was so incredible. I moderated and had a time bit and then made a green juice with beet, carrot, spinach, lemon and drank that down. I had a black tea. We walked around town, I red a book. I felt connected to myself and questions that I hadn’t asked in a long time about my life started to come to the surface. I was amazed how good the trees smelled and noticed how good it was to hear the birds being out of the city. I read that it’s good to rest lying down even if you are not sleeping when you are detoxing. You just give your body a break and I needed to do this in the heat. I was tired but my mind was very alert, so I looked up more videos on raw cooking, vegan cooking, and juice fasting. I had done 3/5/10 day juice fasts before but this was going to be a long one. Keeping a journal seem to have helped. I can’t wait to get up in the morning, weight myself, and log it in my journal. I was finally bored at night and wanted to go out and have a drink. I had 1 gin and tonic and drank it very slow. I really didn’t feel anything and then regretted it because I broke my sobriety and the empty calories were not worth it. I know that drinking upsets the detox and could throw me off the fast entirely If I’m not careful.

DAY #8

Weight : Unknown because of the location I didn’t panic because the scale wasn’t working and just focused on doing all the right things. I went to a gourmet taco joint that should have tortured me, but it didn’t at all. I ordered a large San Pellegrino while my friend ate and it was no big deal. Again I have no idea how this is possible. I thought about the money I was saving and how simple life seemed to be. I was so grateful to the quiet. I played some of my music when I got back and realized how frantic is sounded in the peace of a small town. It made me anxious, so I turned it off and preferred the silence.

DAY #9

156.2 lbs. I started my period so I’m going to be retaining water. I noticed that I didn’t have the back pain that always arrive with my monthly cycle, which was curious. I wasn’t going to get upset about my seemingly slowed weight loss, but you can’t forget that it’s about detox, not just weight loss. Your body gets a rest and starts to address the build up. I had a stranger tell me that I was pretty and two people told me how my skin was glowing. My face was not breaking out, it was actually really clear. The color of my urine was clear for the first time, since my last juice fast. I still allowed myself 1 cup of coffee. I used to watch Youtube videos of a few fringy raw-terians, mono-fruit eaters, etc. It’s interesting that so many of them have changed their story in the past 6 years. The 100% raw gurus are not eating cooked foods and oddly they are all just attacking each other online. I’m not sure who to listen to anymore and maybe that’s the key. You have to figure out what is best for you. I like Joe Cross because of what he is doing for our culture. He is raising awareness that juicing in not some elitist thing. In “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” Joe features a morbidly obese truck driver who loses hundreds of pounds and goes on to share his story at the local health food store. I went to Joe’s site to kick off again because it was the only site I could find on juice fasts that were over 10 days. I am concerned about doing this right. I don’t want to lose my hair or permanently mess up my metabolism. I understand that my weight will go back up 5-7 lbs post fast simply because there will be solid food in my digestive track. I read that it’s best to take a protein supplement after day 16, that was new information for me. I joined the site and read the community posts that seemed more like therapy than a resource for detoxing. Regardless I admire the work that Joe is doing. I go to Dr. Mercola’s site.

DAY #10

155.2 lbls. I had to go to a wedding and I was sort of dreading it because I didn’t want to drink and social functions like than can cause a lot of anxiety. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I ended up having 1/2 glass of rose because I was feeling really tired and weak in the heat and didn’t want to fall over. People were eating around me, I drank soda water. I left early, happy with my progress and my ability to stay on track. I got my juice that day at a market next to my office. I prefer cold pressed juices most of the time because I don’t like any sediment. Sometimes I just had to down the juice and  not really enjoy it because I knew that my body needed it. I have been taking tumeric and licorice suppliments the entire time because I bought those when I thought I had adrenal fatigue. My aches and pains have gone away. I bought bee pollen. I think the tumeric helped the inflammation that causes joint pain, but I also know that the juicing helps too. My clothes are fitting different. I can see some of my waistline returning, but still nothing fits me. I wear the same loose clothing.

DAY #11

154.2 lbs. I decided to put all my “fat clothes” in a box and make a drawer with all the clothes that I wanted to wear most. Essentially 5 pairs of grey jeans and 10 black and white sleeveless tank tops that are my favorite, my black bikini and a few other things. That’s all I really want to wear, not the soccer mom attired I’ve ascribed to because dressing super casual when you are fat just looks slovenly, not cool, so I’m wearing very tailored clothes that probably make me look older. I can’t wait to wear those clothes again. The jeans don’t remotely fit me … I was 125-130 when I wore those. The concept of skinny jeans is the real deal. Back in the city I realize how stressful it is here and I’m happy how juicing calms me down a bit, but I still have moments of anger and frustration, it’s just less at the surface. I drink kombucha, an herbal detox tea, three juices.

DAY #12

153.8 lbs. I made my juice. It was not a pretty combo and didin’t taste great but I had to drink it down like a good girl and I did. I was up early and went to a cafe to do some writing and get centered. I dropped dry cleaning off, went to the office for a bit and came home. A friend texted me to go out but I’m content to relax at home because I have a long way to go with fasting. I have resigned myself to essentially being off the map for the month of June. Someone is cooking something and I have to say that smell does affect me, grilling meat starts to make me hungry and so I close my nostrils, that had happened a few times, but I know what to do about it. I close my eyes when on the subway and visualize myself skinny and what I want to wear and how good that feels. I know this is helping. I have to look into some kind of protein supplement, but I feel good.

DAY #13

152.4 lbs. I know that if I stick to primarily green juice 1 lb a day looks do-able. Down 10 lbs.  I always think of holding two 1 lb bags of sugar around. I lost two bags of sugar and that’s a lot less weight to carry around.  I still have 6 bags of sugar to let go of. I drank wine last night and didn’t need that, not a great idea. I had “glo” juice and “OMG” from Juice Press and just had three cups of peppermint tea. I had some bee pollen and am going to take some cleansing herbs from a liver cleanse I never finished. I’m cleaning and de-cluttering my apartment and I don’t feel lonely even though I am spending the night at home.